Body and massages

Zeeland herbal stamp massage, duration: 45 minutes
Hot stone massage with hot Zeeland herb oil, duration: 30 or 60 minutes
Full body massage with Zeeland lavender oil, duration: 60 minutes
Sea salt body scrub, duration: 30 minutes



Algae pack treatment: you feel reborn with an algae pack which energises and detoxes the skin.
Duration: 75 minutes 


Camomile pack: soothing pack treatment, wonderful after a day’s sunbathing.
Duration: 75 minutes


 Lavender and meadow pack: imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow with this amazing pack.
Duration: 75 minutes 


Honey pack: good enough to eat, but our skin enjoys it too. It improves cell renewal, cleanses and soothes.        Duration: 75 minutes

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