Badhotel Domburg

Our hotel is located almost at the foot of the dunes, against the forest. A special location on the outskirts of Domburg. This makes a stay in our hotel a unique experience. Craftsmanship is central to our team. Together we do everything in our power to make our guests, whether private or business, as happy as possible. This makes Badhotel Domburg an experience in itself.

The beautiful location of our hotel also entails a social obligation. We believe it is important to meet the needs of our guests, while also having an eye for the environment in which we operate. For that reason we are involved in various social initiatives. As a official training company, we also demonstrate our commitment to our industry. In our opinion, this is the way to invest in the future of upcoming professionals.

In a province like Zeeland, an eye for the surrounding, people and the environment is almost self-evident. We do not want the beauty of nature to be overburdened. For that reason we try to minimize our impact and that of our guests. This means that environmentally friendly entrepreneurship is a spearhead in our policy. Employees and guests work together hand in hand to limit the environmental impact and environmental risks. For example, we are committed to reducing the amount of laundry and (residual) waste. We regularly measure and record our environmental progress.