Badhotel Domburg

Badhotel Domburg has incorporated sustainable enterprise as a spearhead of its policy for 2019. Minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment is considered to be one of our main objectives. Employees and guests work hand in hand to control our environmental impact and limit environmental risks.

All our employees have been informed about the ‘environmental options’ available to them in the performance of their daily duties and in a statement they have demonstrated their knowledge of the environmental issues relating to their tasks. The policy developed by and for us is leading in this respect.

The basic premises of our policy are:

  • To supply services which respond to and where possible exceed our guests’ expectations
  • To perform all related business operations in a way that protects the environment and safeguards the health and safety of all involved (guests, employees, suppliers, owners and the surroundings).In order to achieve this policy, we take into account the following rules:
  • we recognise the primary importance of the environment in the event of conflicting business or commercial issues
  • we comply with all legislation and regulations regarding the environment
  • we train new employees and/or provide additional training for all personnel whereby we hold them responsible for compliance with our environmental policy
  • we give employees the opportunity to permanently remove any obstacles to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance
  • we measure and regularly document our progress with respect to the environment based on a monitoring programme

Finally Badhotel Domburg aims – with respect to its environmental policy – to minimise the production of (residual) waste and any associated negative impact on the air, water and soil resulting from our business operations by means of an effective environmental protection system.


What will you find in concrete terms at Badhotel Domburg?

  • waste separation of glass, paper, cork, small chemical waste, foil
  • automatically controlled air-conditioning, no guest = no use, heat recovery system
  • CO2 neutral transport by our guests from home to Domburg and back (optional)
  • printed matter on environmentally-friendly chlorine-free paper with standard double-sided printing
  • room linen management by requesting guests to re-use towels
  • room cleaning using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and microfiber cloths
  • high efficiency 4x84kW boiler in cascade configuration, with separate switching of hot water and heating
  • cooking with conscious and selective use of organic and/or regional products, suppliers from Zeeland
  • power supply entirely generated by green energy
  • hotel suites and public areas only lit by energy-saving and led lighting
  • water control of guest showers (9 l/min) and taps (5 l/min), toilets partially with airco water
  • swimming pool heat contributes to heat recovery for building