Badhotel Domburg


Can we reserve a parking space?

Parking spaces cannot be reserved in advance.

Do you provide a handicap parking space?

A handicap parking space is available on request.

Do you provide free parking?

If you wish to use the hotel’s on-site parking facilities, the costs are € 8.75 per vehicle per day (maximum € 43.75 per vehicle per stay). You can also use the free public car park located nearby in Domburg.

Can we use the hotel’s on-site parking before 15.00?

You can use the on-site car park from 12.00 on the day of your arrival. Check-in begins at 15.00.

What time does my car need to vacate the on-site car park on departure day?

Please make sure to remove your vehicle from the hotel car park by 12.00 on the day of departure.

Do you have charging stations for electric vehicles?

The car park has charging stations for electric cars.


Do you have a bicycle storage facility?

The hotel does not offer secured bicycle storage at present. You may park your bicycle outside, next to the hotel bicycles.

Do you have a charging station for electric bicycles?

Electric bikes can be charged at the bike shelter behind the hotel.

Does the hotel rent out bicycles, and how much does it cost?

The hotel rents out bicycles for € 12,00 for a full day.

Does the hotel also hire out electric bikes?

Electric bikes can be hired from the hotel at € 32.50 per day. We recommend you book them in advance.

Beach huts

Do you have beach huts on the dog beach?

2 beach huts are available for hire on the dog beach in the vicinity of Oostkapelle.

What is included?

The beach huts are equipped with 2 sun-loungers, 2 beach chairs, a wind screen and a parasol. Beach towels are also included.

When can I collect the key to the beach hut?

You can collect the key from Reception in the morning.

Can I hire a beach cabin on the day of departure?

Beach huts cannot be hired on the day of departure. The key of the beach hut must be returned by 20.00 on the evening before the day you’re due to depart.


Do you provide pet-free rooms?

The hotel does offer pet-free rooms.

How large are the rooms?

All of our rooms are spacious, measuring around 40 m2.

Do you offer rooms with sea views?

The rooms situated to the rear of the hotel face the sea. However, a view of the sea is obscured by the dunes and other hotels.

Do you offer rooms with balconies?

The rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors feature a balcony with French doors. You cannot sit on the balcony.

Do you have wheelchair-friendly rooms and what are the extra facilities?

There are 4 wheelchair-friendly rooms available. In this room the bathroom is larger and equipped with a flat floor, stool and you can book an extra toilet cover. The bathroom does not have wall brackets.

Does the hotel have a lift?

There are 2 guest lifts.

Do you provide ground floor rooms?

There are no guest rooms on the ground floor.

Can we reserve the same room again?

You can indicate your choice when making your reservation, although we cannot guarantee the room will be available. If you’d like to stay in certain type of room, or have certain preferences, we will reserve the room that corresponds to your choice, at an additional fee of € 10,00 a night.

Is it possible to have a room with twin beds?

Yes. Indicate your preference when making your reservation.

Do you have rooms for families with 3 children?

We offer connecting rooms for families with 3 or more children.


Can we reserve a table for breakfast?

We do not offer reservations for breakfast.

Does your breakfast menu include gluten or lactose free options?

We will gladly offer gluten or lactose free options on our breakfast menu. You can tell us your dietary requirements when making your reservation.

What time does breakfast end?

The breakfast buffet is open from 07:30 to 10:30.

What time is dinner served?

Dinner is served at Restaurant Zee&Land from 5.30pm.

Can we reserve a table on the terrace?

It is not possible to reserve a table on our terrace.

Can we reserve a separate room at the restaurant?

You cannot reserve a separate room at the restaurant. Please contact us to discuss group reservations.

If we book a package with a three-course dinner, does a set menu apply?

Our three-course dinner menu allows you to choose from a list of options – from the menu of the day, or from our a la carte selection.

Can we choose our menu selections?

A set menu is available to groups of 10 or more. The menu can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Can we enjoy one of the dinners in our package at Strand90?

The location of the restaurant included in the package cannot be changed.

Swimming Pool

Is use of the swimming pool included?

Use of the pool is included in the room price.

When is the swimming pool available to hotel guests?

Hotel guests can make a reservation to use the swimming pool on the spot. It is possible to make a reservation for a time slot of 30 minutes, other guests will not be able to enter the pool during your reservation. Free entrance is possible between 10.00 - 11.00am and 17.00 and 18.00pm.

At what age can children use the pool unsupervised?

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult when swimming.

How large is the swimming pool?

The pool measures approximately 9.5 x 5 metres.


Is the spa included?

The use of SPA Domburg is not included. The costs are € 15.50 to use the spa for 2 hours or € 30.50 throughout your stay. Bathrobes, slippers and towels are included.

Do we need to make advance appointments for the spa?

We strongly recommend making your spa reservations beforehand. We place great importance on providing quality and personal attention. For which reason, we limit the number of visitors.

Are bathing suits worn in the spa?

Bathing suits are not worn at SPA Domburg. There’s a ‘swimwear day’ once a month.

Can we use the Spa after we’ve checked out from our hotel room?

You may use the spa after check-out. The ‘after check-out package’ includes entrance, and lunch priced at € 27.50 per person.


How far is the hotel from the beach and the town centre?

The hotel is about 400 metres from the beach. The centre of Domburg is literally around the corner.

I’m coming by train. Which bus should I take to Domburg, and where do I get it?

Bus 52 from Middelburg Station is the most direct route. The trip will take about 35 minutes.


We’d like to surprise guests staying at your hotel with a gift - a bottle of wine or bouquet. Can this be arranged, and what does it cost?

We’d be delighted to arrange this for you, and can deduct the costs from a credit card. Flowers begin at € 25.00, and a bottle of house wine costs € 30.00.

Can we order a gift voucher?

Yes, gift vouchers are available for a set amount, or a hotel package. You can transfer the amount through direct debit, or we can deduct the amount from your credit card.


Is the hotel suitable for children?

The hotel is family-friendly and welcomes children.

Does the hotel have a play area?

The hotel also has a NetFlix corner and an indoor play area, depending on availability.

What amenities does a baby room offer?

The ‘baby room’ contains a cot, nappy bucket, changing mat and baby bath. The costs are € 21.00 a night.

How much do you charge for a cot?

A cot costs € 15.50 a night.

Are baby-phones available at the hotel?

We do not provide baby-phones. The hotel’s concrete structure blocks the signal. We advise downloading a baby-phone app onto your mobile Phone.


Are dogs allowed in your hotel?

We allow a maximum of 2 dogs per room. The costs are € 20,00 per dog per night. The hotel allows a limited number of dogs on the premises.

Are dogs allowed in the restaurant?

Dogs are not allowed in Restaurant Zee&Land. You may take your dog into Grand Café 1866.

Do you rent out dog crates?

The hotel has a number of dog crates that are available to guests free of charge.

Reservation Terms & Conditions

When does a cancellation fee apply?

If you cancel up to 1 month in advance, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.Within this month, we charge the following fees:* If you cancel more than 14 days prior to the date of arrival; 15% of room rate* If you cancel more than 7 days prior to the date of arrival; 35% of room rate* If you cancel more than 3 days prior to the date of arrival; 60% of room rate* If you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the date of arrival; 85% of room rate* If you cancel 24 hours or less prior to the date of arrival; 100% of room rate

How much is the deposit?

For all reservations, we require a prepaid deposit of 50% or a credit card guarantee.

Can we cancel our stay free of charge because of the Coronavirus if we have taken a cancellation insurance directly at Badhotel Domburg?

As long as Badhotel Domburg is open and can receive guests (with respect for the measures which are valid at that moment), the cancellation conditions are applicable. For cancellations as a result of travel advice from the government or fear concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our cancellation policy remains applicable. If the hotel has to close by order of the government, the reservation will be cancelled free of charge.

Conditions for participating in the cancellation fund for Badhotel Domburg

You often make your reservation months in advance. Up to one month before your arrival you can cancel your reservation at no cost, but of course something can happen through which you need to change your plans. This is the reason why BADHOTEL DOMBURG has a cancellation fund. We strongly advise participating in this fund. The premium for the "Badhotel Domburg" cancellation fund is 5% of the total cost of the booking. The cancellation insurance can only be entered into at the same moment that the reservation is made. In the case of participation in the cancellation fund the financial risk of the cancellation of your stay is covered entirely, providing that the cancellation is as a result of the following: • decease, serious illness or injury through an accident of the insured person(s) • decease, serious illness or injury through an accident of the immediate, non-accompanying, family (1st and 2nd line) of the insured person(s) • the involuntary redundancy in the interim period of the family’s main earner • serious property damage due to fire, burglary, explosion, lightning strikes, storm or flood at the company where the insured person(s) is the owner or is employed, if the presence of the participant is urgently necessary. The cancellation fund provides cover from the day of reservation to the day of arrival. Cancellations should be submitted in writing, provided with a cancellation declaration and valid evidence (for example a doctor’s note). In the case of cancellation, the cancellation fund premium will not be refunded, and an amount of € 15,- will be withheld to cover administrative costs.