In Restaurant Zee&Land

Restaurant Zee&Land enables you to experience two elements of nature: sea and land.

In Zee&Land, the menu is based on New Dutch Cuisine. This means using produce grown in Dutch soil, combining original flavours with new styles of preparation. These in turn may be international, if this benefits the original flavour (such as olive oil). New Dutch Cuisine is also a sustainable form of cooking. No tomatoes from gas-fuelled greenhouses, no African beans flown in from overseas. We use produce from the cold ground, from water or the air, which are local and seasonal. The more seasonal the produce, the better the quality and selection.


Our culinary team loves working with fresh fish, shellfish and sea vegetables. Zeeland is virtually synonymous with these products, but the land has plenty to offer too. Take the beef from Loverendale, the biodynamic farm in Oostkapelle, or the forgotten vegetables from ’t Hof Welgelegen in Middelburg. Not forgetting the cheese from Schellach dairy farm. And did you know that Zeeland even produces a wine which has long been served in KLM’s business class?


The great thing is that you can visit all these regional suppliers too, so that you can see (and taste) for yourself why we are so proud of our suppliers!

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