Badhotel Domburg

Overnight stays in Domburg

Do you want to stay in luxury in the most beautiful seaside resort in Zeeland? Come stay in Domburg! Badhotel Domburg is situated in a peaceful, green spot on the edge of the centre of Domburg. This unique location means that you have all the facilities you need close at hand, but you will stay in an oasis of peace and quiet. You will enjoy a spacious room with a view of the cosy Domburg or the beautiful and peaceful Park Loverendaele.

Rooms & Suites
Hotel in Zeeland

Hotel in Zeeland

The wonderful location of the hotel in Zeeland makes it ideal for enjoying the beach, visiting one of the picturesque Zeeland towns and villages or relaxing in its own wellness facilities. The luxurious and modern rooms of Badhotel Domburg reflect nature, and the interior is attuned to the surroundings of Domburg. Imagine yourself in the woods or on the beach by the colours that come back in the decoration of the room or suite. Your stay in Badhotel Domburg guarantees luxury and comfort.

Hotel in Zeeland
Overnachten in Zeeland, Domburg

Stay overnight in Zeeland

Discover from the hotel the beautiful province of Zeeland. Centrally located in Zeeland, Badhotel Domburg is in the middle of the Walcheren coastline. Within fifteen minutes you can be in one of the tourist towns of Zeeland, such as the harbour town of Veere and the lively town of Middelburg. Explore from our hotel the Zeeland coast, the unique nature and surrounding villages by bike or by car. Take a beautiful walk on the beach or take a refreshing dip in the sea. Enjoy a snack and a drink in one of the beach pavilions or walk through the dunes. An overnight stay in Zeeland will give you the ultimate holiday feeling!

Overnachten in Zeeland

Hotel by the sea

Sleep and wake up with the sound of the waves in the background. Spending the night in Badhotel Domburg is a unique experience. The spacious beach in Zeeland offers plenty of room for bathers in the summer. Of course, all seasons long you can enjoy the view from one of the pavilions or take a lovely walk along the surf or through the dunes of Domburg. In our Zeeland hotel, you will find 116 luxury rooms, but also a library, meeting facilities and the Zee&Land culinary restaurant. Here you can enjoy fresh, mostly organic seasonal dishes from the region.

Hotel aan Zee
Weekend in Zeeland, Wochenende in Zeeland

Weekend in Zeeland

Zeeland has 650 kilometres of coastline, so there is plenty to discover! Badhotel Domburg is located 400 metres from the Domburg beach. We have various packages on offer, which are divided into themes. For example, book the Beauty & Wellbeing package if all you want is to relax. You will unwind during professional beauty treatments and during a walk on the beach. Or choose our Culinary package, for everyone who loves good food and drinks.

Weekend in Zeeland
Ontspannen vergaderen

Meeting with overnight stay

Come to Badhotel Domburg as a business guest for a meeting and an overnight stay! Meet in one of our comfortable meeting rooms and relax in one of our luxurious rooms or suites. The meeting location is just a stone’s throw from the sea and on the edge of a beautiful forest and dune area. Ideal for clearing your head in nature between sessions or relaxing on a terrace or team activity. Domburg is centrally located and therefore easily accessible from the Randstad, Brabant and Flanders. You can get to Domburg from Rotterdam, Breda and Antwerp in just over an hour.

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