Badhotel Domburg
Hotel by the sea

Badhotel Domburg: Hotel by the sea

Badhotel Domburg is a seaside hotel located close to the dunes. The forest, beaches and sea are all close to Badhotel Domburg. The centre of Domburg is also just a stone’s throw away. If you are looking for a hotel by the beach, but still want to be close to the centre, you have come to the right place at Badhotel Domburg. Our hotel is perfectly located between the heart of Domburg and the beach. There is always something to do in this seaside resort and has a great atmosphere in every season of the year.

Hotel by the sea

Beach-side hotel

When you stay at our beachfront hotel, you will wake up to the sound of the waves in the background. After waking up, you can start with an extensive breakfast buffet in our Zee&Land Restaurant. Then you can walk onto the beach in no time to get a breath of fresh air. Besides staying the night at Badhotel Domburg, you can also enjoy a culinary lunch and dinner at our Restaurant Zee&Land, or enjoy our SPA Domburg. At Badhotel Domburg you will enjoy the luxury and comfort and be able to completely unwind!

Meetings by the sea

Meetings and accommodation at Badhotel Domburg

Besides rooms and suites, a restaurant and a spa, Badhotel Domburg also has several meeting rooms available. These offer comfortable furniture, professional meeting equipment and unlimited coffee, tea and fresh fruit. Our meeting rooms are therefore perfect for long meeting sessions. If you want to clear your head between meetings, you can take a breath of fresh air on the beach or use our SPA Domburg. You can have lunch in our Zee&Land Restaurant. If you have a business meeting of several days, you can also book a multi-day meeting package, which includes one or more overnight stays. At Badhotel Domburg, you can hold your meeting in peace with luxury and comfort.

Meeting by the sea
Hotel by the sea

Sleeping at the coast

At Badhotel Domburg, you can spend a wonderful night Sleeping at the coast. Our hotel has something for everyone. Stay in a family room and take a breath of fresh air on the coast of Zeeland, book a room with your partner and enjoy a romantic weekend away, or hold a business meeting with your colleagues. Can’t wait to book a room or suite? Book your stay at Badhotel Domburg now!

Rooms & Suites